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  •  Fusion Pharmacy knows healthcare providers can be doing so much more to educate the public: Preventative medicine coupled with education of options to improve health are key in promoting optimal health.
  • We are living in a time where superior options are abundant: Every health concern has countless options for treatment, many of which most people do not know about.  We are where un meets conventional.
  • We are DOING something about it: To facilitate change, you must try something new.  And you deserve it!


 Fusion Pharmacy, in partnership with Awoke Wellness, is bringing YOU monthly summits. Each Summit is filled with pertinent, life-changing information from the experts.  And they're FREE.  

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ADD/ADHD Experts

Koby Taylor, PharmD
Koby Taylor, PharmD is passionate about finding solutions to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness. He loves to research unique and out of the box solutions to help deliver medications or nutrients in new ways.   He is a wizard at finding natural solutions to reduce medication load and creating innovative individualized compounds, where un meets conventional.

He is a clinical pharmacist and earned his Bachelor degree in Molecular Biology from Brigham Young University and his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Utah. He is current adjunct faculty at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy and Dixie Technical College. He opened Fusion Pharmacy eight years ago as a playground to create and build solutions for hundreds of disease states and ailments that plague us today. He loves to be called the bearded drug Lord or dancing pharmacy nerd.  
Dr. Honos-Webb
Lara Honos-Webb, PhD is a clinical psychologist licensed in California. She is author of Six Super Skills for Executive Functioning: Tools to Help Teens Improve Focus, Stay Organized, and Reach Their Goals (2020), Brain Hacks, The Gift of ADHD, The Gift of ADHD Activity Book, The Gift of Adult ADD, The ADHD Workbook for Teens, Listening to Depression. Her work has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, The Chicago Tribune, and more. Honos-Webb completed a two-year postdoctoral research fellowship at University of California, San Francisco, and has been an assistant professor for graduate students. She has published 26 scholarly articles. Her website is

Mary Wilde, M.D.
Dr. Mary Wilde is a board-certified pediatrician and owner of Imagine Pediatrics Behavioral Health and Wellness in St. George, UT. She has special training in mind-body medicine and takes a whole child, integrative approach to help children and adolescents with issues such as ADHD, anxiety, and more. Dr. Wilde is the mother of 8 children, the author of several books, and the creator of online programs related to behavioral health and parenting. Learn more about Dr. Wilde at and Download her free ADHD guide to lifestyle and supplement choices at

Jared Dupree
Jared has been providing healing work to his clients for over 20 years. He began his career as a
Marriage & Family Therapist, earning a Masters and Ph.D. in Family Therapy and Health Psychology and an International MBA. After writing a national bestseller, “WholeFIT: Wellness for Life”, he continued his work by adding Eastern and non-traditional (Native American, Reiki, Shamanism, Chakra, White Tantra and Energy work) approaches to his repertoire. Today, he integrates Eastern and Western approaches to help people release emotional and physical pain, replace these areas with a new sense of self and 
vitality and, eventually, lead people to a life they want to live that matches their authentic self and allows their true self to stand in its power in all contexts. 
Randy Christiansen
Randy Christiansen is the owner of Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic in sunny St. George, Utah.  He is passionate about helping people improve their lives when dealing with conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  His work brings peace to countless people and offers a forward thinking approach to wellness while utilizing the highest level technology available to us today.  
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Karambir Khalsa
Karambir Singh Khalsa is a kundalini yoga instructor and sound healing advocate. He is currently studying to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology and is researching the mental health benefits of gong meditation as a potential treatment for individuals with anxiety. Karambir Singh studied hands-on healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Europe and learned sound healing with singing bowls through Peter Hess International in Switzerland and Germany. He has traveled to many of the world's power sites and radiates their vibration as a healer. Karambir Singh's gong playing is focused on following the intuitive flow in the moment to create a soundscape upon which each participant's subconscious can create a unique image.
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Koby Taylor, PharmD
P.S.: I sincerely hope your life, or the life of a loved one is changed today.  Have a health concern and can't wait for help??? Don't hesitate to reach out with your complimentary gift at the end of the summit.  I will surely point you in the right direction to finding greater health and peace than ever.

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